I’ve decided to start a blog as a way to communicate to anyone that would like to follow.  I write papers and articles of interest, but was looking for something more conducive to communicating ideas.

I listened to a TED talk the other day.  The psychologist/ speaker spoke about “Adolescence being a time of not knowing.”  It was also a time when we have permission to try different things.  I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it had a certain resonance with me.  I have always felt that a man is the same person he is now as he was at thirteen or fourteen.  Your morals are developed, your work ethic is determined, and your social personality becomes intact.  I think any of us can change or fool people for a given period of time, but soon enough, it is too hard to keep it going.

I have been fortunate that my insurance career started when I was 21.  It has become part of who I am.  What I do every day is congruent to who I naturally am.  I enjoy thinking how I get there.  It’s interesting to remember influences and changing moments.  

Questions like:
•    What is one thing that people don’t know about you?
•    What people had/ have an incredible influence on me? And do they know it?
•    What specific events can you remember that were inflections or turning points?
•    Do you keep track of funny/ embarrassing stories in your life? I do

So, this is my first shot at blogging.  I plan on writing about things that interest me or that have hit a sensitive nerve.  Some may also include higher end insurance planning ideas.