We all say it.  To ourselves, our kids, our friends and co-workers.  " Don't stress out about it".   "I/they are under a lot of stress".   Recently, one of our firm's professionals sent me a list that was published years ago of the 100 top stress inducing causes;  I have included that list here.  Many of us feel that we are good at dealing with stress;  that it's part of our DNA or makeup.

I think it is worth stepping back to try and assess the individual elements of stress that can accumulate to a point that can be overwhelming to anyone.  Even this time of year can elevate stress levels.  Summer ended, work hours increasing, kids are away at school or living on their own, shorter days, holidays approaching, etc.

Just the awareness of these possible stress triggers can alleviate the effects.

Two books that I have read recently that may be appropriate:

    • 10% Happier By: Dan Harris
    • StrengthFinders2.0 By: Tom Rath